Robert Flynn

Robert Flynn is an artist and photographer based in Liverpool, UK. His work is inspired by the subconscious , the bizarre and perceptive realities and by how these aspects inform the human condition. Working across a variety of mediums, he creates work that explores these elements by using a combination of sculpture, costume, new media, installation and photography.

While creating work and exhibiting throughout the UK,

including at Threshold Festival (Liverpool), Belfast Photo Fringe and Night Contact Festival (London), he is also a director and curator at ROAD Studios where has curated and facilitated a variety of exhibitions, events and workshops, helping to create opportunities for local and international artists to showcase themselves in Liverpool.

Alongside this he runs Deviation: a Surreal Life Drawing Experience,

An alternative and experimental life drawing class that uses models, environments, situations and installations which offer different and interesting shapes, textures and lighting not usually encountered within a normal life drawing setting.

Latest Work

Ruth Lewis

All Hallow's Eve as Deviation presents The Witches Sabbath: Fancy Dress Life Drawing Extravaganza!

Within the grand halls of the Bridewell Studios we’ll be putting on our costumes so we may summon forth and commune with The Great He-Goat, El Gran Cabrón, so he may give us his blessings and honor the dead.  So slap on some flying ointment and your fancy dress and come join us in drawing something weird!
(if you haven’t got one we can supply you with masks and costumes, including some from previous sessions!)