Hannah Ng

Birth of Joyful Array
At the young age of five I was taught to fold my first paper crane. I found it uttely fascinating. Something like a single piece of paper could be transformed into a three-dimensional bird! Since that first encounter with origami I knew then I had a passion in life so I persevered to teach myself and experiment with various folding techniques and discover new paper creations.

Combining my love of origami with flowers and cacti, Joyful Array was born,

With its feature products: Forever Green Paper Cacti! These have proved to be very popular. I also make other quirky paper decorations, as well as beautiful custom-made bridal bouquets, which I fashion from a wide range of colourful papers and other materials.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.


I take inspiration from all trends around the world, incorporate a wide range of production techniques from clay model to origami folding, materials from paper to semi precious stones to create statement and unique accessories. . .

Liverpool Literary Festival origami Liver Bird

featured on the brochure and made by local artist Hannah Ng (@JoyfulArray).  The  poster  was featured in a campaign on mersey travel  trains,  Grace was also on display in the ornithology case at theVictoria Gallery & Museum Liverpool.

Ruth Lewis

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