Ruth Lewis

Emily Salinas

One of the following statements is not true:

I am a graphics graduate from LJMU (Graduation Class of 2012).

In addition to my print + digital design skills I also have some coding skills (see this n that).

I was selected as one of 12 grads for Well Made’s ‘Young Pines’ pop-up collective project.

I was a member of creative collective Shellsuit Zombie,.

creative grad-led magazine and organisation, for 3 years. I'm a little bit obsessed with sign painting.

Mental health and well-being advocacy are important to me.

My personal artistic practice is focussed on art that empowers people or is for social good.

I used to live in Bolivia and speak fluent Spanish.

My grandad was in the Guiness Book of Records for having the longest moustache.

I have been published in Aesthetica’s Creative Annual.

This Mural was a Joint Commishion with Sasha Spyrou for El Jimador promotion for Constellations bar Liverpool.

I run positive sign making workshops my last was at The Tate in Liverpool.

I used to present a hiphop radio show with a member of Chase and Status.

I was once in NME magazine with my band, who I drummed for.

I’ve had an article published in Creative Review.

I’m distantly related to the Hoff.

I’ve djed alongside David Bailey from Designers Republic.

I used to have a pet duck. Which my pet dog ate  work”..


selected for exhibition at “&Exhibit”, Liverpool and Soho