I’’m a graphic artist who specialises in typography, murals, illustration, design for print and branding. My work is inspired by my personality and I see graphic art as a way to express my thoughts and feelings.

Good examples of this are my typographic murals. These consist mostly of custom experimental typography influenced by years of painting graffiti, psychedelia, traditional typography and various subcultures.

Apart from this my design is usually type heavy but recently I’ve started to incorporate more artistic elements using different media and techniques. Over the years I’ve worked for Levi’s and Warner Music and I’m also a regular artist for the yearly Contrast Mural Festival in Liverpools Fabric District. Currently I’m in the middle of making a magazine to visually represent the sub cultures I’m involved in such as graffiti and rave culture.
I also released my first book called Liverpool graffiti in 2018 which is now archived at Liverpool Central Library.


“Being inspired by culture, my surroundings and aspects
of day-to-day life I take a conscious approach to graphic design with my knowledge and inspirations.”

Simple sans serif type piece at Road Studios

to be featured in a timelapse video for Light Night using spray paint and emulsion with mini rollers for outlining.

Ruth Lewis