Dave Howe

LightNight 2021 Play : COBALT

May 21st 2021
Venue: Luna, Northern Lights, Liverpool. 

Road studios artist explore how play grows within an environment where people work together but also how it can create a community.

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ROAD: Mothman NO 4 Posters

21st May 2021
Venue: Luna Northern lights, Liverpool

10 pages of moth man number four which will lead into  Cobalt show. This is a site-specific piece and is only on for one night.

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ROAD: Threshold X

9th – 10th April 2021
Venue: Baltic
 Triangle and Online
Lauren Masterson/ Sasha Spyrou/ Jacob Gourley/ Andy Wolfenden/ Mike Marten/ Ben SimpsonHelios Bernal Alcantarilla/ Louis Jeck Prestidge/Hannah Ng/ Etc

Dave Howe

ROAD : Revolving Doors

21-Feb – 15th June 2020  
Venue: West Kirby Arts Centre, Wirral. 

Helios Bernal Alcantarilla, Jacob Gourley, Kenneth O’Hare, David Howe, Louis Jeck-Prestidge and Andrew Wolfenden.

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ROAD : Studio Shuffle 02

6th Feb – 28th Feb 2020
Venue:  Northern Lights, Liverpool
We  showcase 104 Duke Street, Studios as they  face Uncertain future as their  building has been sold.

ROAD Studio Shuffle 01

24th Oct- 17th Nov  2019
Venue:  Northern Lights, Liverpool 

Tony Knox/ Jacob Gourley / Robert Flynn / David Howe/ Andrew Wolfenden / Lauren Masterson / Sasha Spyrou / Louis Jeck Prestidge / David Howe

LightNight 2019 Rituals of the Mundane

17th-24th  May 2019  
Venue: Luna, Northern Lights, Liverpool

To celebrate relocating to Northern Lights, ROAD Studios is hosting a temporary gallery in the Luna Spac

biennial 2018: Ray Punk

Bill Naylor
18th -28th Oct 2018 
Venue: George Henry Lee's 

A Comic illustrator based in Kirkby his work features DAN DARE and was commissioned by the 2000AD Comic.

biennial 2018: KENNETH O’HARE

16TH-28TH OCT 2018
Venue: George Henry Lee's

Viewing a modern city from afar becomes almost a meditative experience

biennial 18: Open Road: Lost 18

ROAD Studio Artists
13th -28th Oct 2018  

Venue: George Henry Lee’s
This event was an Exhibition of selected road members and is in connection with  Lost 18.


biennial 2018: Other

Kerry Baldy
05th -14th Oct 2018
Venue: George Henry Lee’s
Baldry works in a range of media including film and video. Her films have been shot on 16mm

biennial 18: Surrender

Asher Pollock
5th – 14th Oct 2018
Venue: George Henry Lee’s

Over the course of one year, I have moved from Ohio to Liverpool, undertaken a Masters in Art, Aesthetics, and Cultural Institutions

biennial 2018: IN

Tony Smith / Donal Moloney / Natalia Szulc / Ivy Kalungi / Patricia Montague
21st -26th Sep 2018

Venue : George Henry Lee’s 

biennial 18 : How We Look

Louis Jeck-Prestidge & Jonathan Benson
7th Sep – 16th Sep 2018
Venue: ROAD Works Gallery & George Henry Lee Building


biennial 18: Eoin Flynn

25th July 2018 – 25th Sept 2018
Venue: George Henry Lee’s Window Space
Visual artist based in Dublin, Ireland.

biennial 18 : 18' Waterfront Arts Projects

Stuart Bulman/ Julie McDaid / Chris Oliver /Mike Ross / Joan Walmsley / Tony Wynne
17th Aug – 26th Aug 2018
Venue: Road Work Gallery 

biennial 18: Street View

David Howe
Friday 17th Aug – 26th Aug 2018

Venue: Road Street View Gallery
Howe’s ‘Street View’ drawings are inspired by the buildings of Liverpool’s industrial past.

LightNight 18: To Become More

Robert Fylnn
18th May – 4th June 2018
Venue: Road Works Gallery 
Inspired by the psychological, the unconscious and fantasies, and by how these aspects inform the human condition.

Witch, Please!

13th -20th April 2018
Venue : Road Works Gallery
Alessia Pedrosa, Rebecca Adams, Sasha Spyrou

LightNight 18: Transformation of Narrative

18th May -4th June 2018
Venue: Road Street View Gallery
Road  studio  Artists

CONNECTION: Jacob Gourley

12th – 27th March 2018
Venue : Road Street View Gallery


Su Jung & Ted Oonk
11th – 28th Jan 2018
Venue: ROAD Works Gallery

Inktober Exhibition and Auction

Friday 17th nov – 29th NOV 2017
Venue : Road Work Gallery 

Christmas Art Emporium

18 – 23 Dec 2017
Road Studios is bringing Victorian Christmas to Carlisle Buildings.

Lost 17: “Antiques ROADshow” 

14th Oct – 21th Oct 2017
Venue: Road Work Gallery


16- 23 TH JUNE 2017
Sasha Spyrou & Tomo
Venue : Road Works Gallery

Going Back: Elizabeth Jardine

17 Feb – 26 Feb 2017
Venue : ROAD Works Gallery
A walk from London to Liverpool, retracing a journey made by the artists granddad, who ran away from home aged 16.

ROAD: biennial 2016 Episode 6 'Interlocked'.

Josephine Jenkins/ Lee Booth / Colette Lilley
14 Oct – 16 Oct 2016
Venue: Road Works Gallery

ROAD: biennial 2016 Episode 5 Sojourn(al)

Eimear Kavanaghand & Éilis Ní Fhaoláin
29 Sep – 1 Oct 2016
Venue: Road Works Gallery

ROAD: biennial 2016 Episode 4 'basements connected’

16th– 25th Sep 2016
Venue: Road Works Gallery and Jerome Buildings Basement, Liverpool

ROAD: biennial 2016 Episode 3 Gender Dilemmas

Amanda Marie Atkinson with Alan Williams
26th -28th Aug 2016
Venue: Road Works Gallery 

ROAD: biennial 2016 Episode 2 Remnants

Sophia Kokinis / Chris Stokes /Mark Wigan
5th – 7th  Aug 2016
Venue: Road Works Gallery

ROAD: biennial 2016 Episode 1 Captured Moments

Patrick O’Rourke/ Oscar Yi Hou
22th – 24th Jul 2016
Venue: Road Works Gallery

Matt Kilp: Off the Floor

10th – 12th June 2016
Venue: Road Works Gallery
“Finding beauty in unusual places makes life more interesting.

LightNight 2016 Sketchsperiment

20th -29th Jan 2017
Venue: Road Works Gallery
In conjunction with this year’s theme, “Experiment,” we are holding an array of interactive events that sees you pit your wits against our resident artists,

Threshold Festival 2016 : Dejarik

1st – 10th April 2016
Venue: The Gallery Liverpool, 41 Stanhope street

Soup Collective Presents Postcards

4th- 6th March 2016
Venue: ROAD Works Gallery
The pop-up exhibition will consist of postcard size works from over 20 artists.


12th Dec 2015
Venue: “Roadworks” Gallery Launch.
25 artists making up the Road Studios artistic collective

LightNight 2015 Beyond the New World

15th May 2015
Venue: Road Studios
Rob Flynn/ Tony Knox/ Helios Bernal Alcantarilla/ Adele Spiers/Graham Polaroid/ Alan Williams/ Ian Deegan/ Callum Stewart/ Haitham Salem/ Kirsten Hawkins/ John Wood/ Jayde Marie Bell,/Matt Kilp/Vivien Garland.