“Roadworks” Gallery Launch.

12th – 20th Dec 2015

 Venue: Road Works Gallery
Open Road has been curated by studio members Tony Knox/ Rob Flynn and showcases the work of these artists plus Helios Bernal Alcantarilla/ Matt Kilp/ Adele Spiers/ Eimear Kavanagh/ Shelli Le Fay/ Alan Williams, Emily Salinas/ Lee Booth/ Lois Tierney/ Ambidexter/ Nuever /Alicia Talikowska/ Ilan Sheady/ Esperança/ Hayley Grafflin/ Francis Gomez/ Ruth Dillon/ Abi Burrows/Tom Bowden Graham/Tony Lavender/kirsten Hawkins /Katie Whittle.

This will be a unique eight-day  artist led exhibition plus a series of micro-galleries, and site-specific installations. 

Whether artist or simply an art aficionado, gain a sneak peek into the lives of photographers, sculptors, makers and illustrators. The relaunch follows the recent expansion of Road’s Victoria Street abode in July 2015 to encompass the former next-door neighbour, Circuit Studios..

Road has since undergone a series of renovations, including the introduction of brand new Roadworks gallery and workshop space, which will be available for internal as well as external showings.

Road has been successful in attracting a new cohort of artists to complement existing talent, a merger that has already led to collaboration in the recent Black and Ginger &Exhibit and projects are ongoing for next year’s Threshold Festival.

To credit all members, senior members Tony Knox and Rob Flynn have curated an exhibition to showcase the best of Road, featuring a piece from every member. This exhibition will form the unveiling of the brand new gallery space, which Road hopes will benefit the Liverpool artist community as a whole, providing another venue for emerging artists to get their work out there.

Other installations will be happening throughout the night and refreshments will be provided.

With over 25 artists making up the Road Studios artistic collective, this is a fantastic opportunity to meet and greet those behind this latest addition to the Liverpool art scene. Join us on Saturday 12th December on Top Floor, 69 Victoria Street, Liverpool City Centre, L1 6DE.