Beyond the New World

Road Studios’ premier exhibition features  

15th May 2015

Venue: Road Studios
Rob Flynn/ Tony Knox/ Helios Bernal Alcantarilla/ Adele Spiers/Graham Polaroid/ Alan Williams/ Ian Deegan/ Callum Stewart/ Haitham Salem/ Kirsten Hawkins/ John Wood/ Jayde Marie Bell,/Matt Kilp/Vivien Garland.

Part of Light Night 2015

Artistic ensemble, Road Studios is hosting a one night only collaborative exhibition for Light Night Liverpool comprising micro-exhibitions, live drawing and one-off design pieces.

Road Studios brings you Beyond the New World, a collaborative installation combined with an array of tantalising treats never to be repeated!
You may not realise during your evening commute, surrounded by rush hour traffic, that is the heart of Liverpool’s buzzing business district, Carlisle Buildings is home to a clandestine artistic haven occupied by a vibrant collective of photographers, designers, sculptors and artists.

On this special night, you are given an access all areas pass to this secret microcosm of creativity which will allow you to relive those halcyon moments of school day art in our enchanting attic space.

Explore the inner world of these workshops by perusing a series of micro-exhibitions that showcase the artists’ projects. Be inspired by the live drawing demonstrations and channel your inner creative by getting your hands dirty in our one-off Cosmic Collage Workshop. Just for Light Night, our resident jewellery designer is putting on display a unique selection of trinkets that cannot be bought anywhere else or at any other time!.