‘basements connected’

Susan Leask/Margaretha Schöning/ Anna Ketskemety/ Tony Knox, Andrzej Bednarczyk/ Tom Bevan/ Rosy Beyelschmidt/Christiane Brams/ Stephen Cummerson/ Rodney Dickson/ Georg Gartz/ Anja Hoinka/ Jyotee Kolte/ Maria Luiza Pyrlik

16th– 25th Sep 2016

Venue: Road Works Gallery

Having wowed Liverpool art lovers earlier in the Biennial season basements connected returns from 17th – 25th September to give Liverpool audiences another chance to see what lurks, whether real or imagined, below the floorboards.

Moving on from the Georgian locations of Huskisson Street and Belvidere Road, the artists are bringing their artworks upstairs to Road Studios Gallery, reinventing the show especially for this city-centre Victorian attic-space.

Headed by four Liverpool-based artists including one resident artist of Road, and joined by a diverse range of international artists, basements connected will be showcasing a wealth of skills linking in with the basement theme, interpreting its many connotations in a multidisciplinary display including audio-visual, photography, fine art and 3D installation.

This exhibition promises to delight and challenge in equal measure..