Gender Dilemmas : negotiating femininity and masculinity in contemporary night life

Amanda Marie Atkinson with Alan Williams

26 -28th Aug 2016

Venue: Road Works Gallery
As part of ROAD Studios Biennial programme resident artist and Senior Researcher Amanda Marie Atkinson will present photography, installation, found objects and sculpture underpinned by her University (LJMU) and doctorate research into gender relations in night life drinking spaces..

Taking a feminist perspective, the work is methodologically, empirically and theoretically informed and draws attention to public drinking environments as commercialised neo-liberal contexts in which contemporary femininity and masculinity are performed, positioned and reconfigured, and spaces in which patriarchal relations are maintained.

The exhibition will explore a number of important issues present in such heteronormative spaces;
-the pornification of night life and the main streaming of pole/lap dancing clubs
-young women’s negotiation of intoxication in the performance of the ‘hyper-sexual’ self
-hegemonic masculinity and ‘stag nights’
-sexual consent and alcohol
-sexist alcohol advertising
-the public bathroom as a public/private sphere in which the gender binary is reinforced (in collaboration with Alan Williams)

To compliment one piece commenting on the sexist nature of alcohol advertising (e.g. sexist beer labels such as the House of Commons bar favourite ‘Top Totty’!), the donation bar at the opening will consist of alcohol with alternative marketing, produced by women and the feminist community. If you’d like to design an alcohol label please get in (contact details below).
All money raised from the bar will be donated to The Homeless Period, a voluntary organisation providing vulnerable women in Liverpool with sanitary items.