Associate artist of road studios  Kenneth J O’Hare 
Passed Away after a long battle with cancer 19th April 1952- 11th Aug 2020.
His last show Revolving Doors presented by ROAD Studios at West Kirby Arts Centre, Wirral. 22 Feb– 15 June 2020.

Ken O’Hare studied a BA Hons in Fine Art at John Moores University 1996-1999 then went on to work at the first Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art as part of the Voluntary team setting up the show in Exchange flags then taking the role as a gallery assistant.
Then in 2000 – 2002, he was part of the European Funded Draw lab that made artist in residents in ST. Helens College, this time helped him define his painting styles to a higher level he also had a solo show in Liverpool independents Biannual at George Henry Lee in Oct 2018. He was a teacher this quiet man with a warm nature is survived by His Twin Brother Brian O’Hare.

O’Hare depicted the city by studying the effects of light on glass, how light is reflected or absorbed.
Through my art I am endeavouring to capture the city, its geometric forms and space within, with its facades of glass and geometric shapes, that appear to suspend or fall from the sky, reflecting and absorbing energy and light. In my work, each frame of glass contains a minimalist image in three-dimensional space, each frame harmonising with its neighbour, collectively forming a final painting, which I hope gives the viewer a meditative and spiritual experience.
Kenneth J O’Hare

painting it again kept me aware of what I left behind, With every passing day, every new project or assignment is undertaken, my life in Liverpool grew to be as one instant and ecstatic; my relationship with space and my time in the city became compassionate, my pain dissipated and I grew more in touch with the people all around; their pain, often silently ignored, gave me a new direction. The universe was born from a single point, I believe we still exist within a relatively finite point in an infinite expense outside it.