Painting by Asher Pollock

5th – 14th Oct 2018
Venue: George Henry Lee’s, Liverpool

Over the course of one year, I have moved from Ohio to Liverpool, undertaken a Masters in Art, Aesthetics, and Cultural Institutions from the University of Liverpool, trained as a yoga teacher, performed with What We Did Next theatre company in Assassins, I joined Road Studios, and now, with less than a week, before I fly home to Ohio, I’m showing my workT.

painting it again kept me aware of what I left behind,

These paintings each came from a very basic need to keep painting as I moved through the insanity of life to an unfamiliar place. Positive, Negative, Neutralised as a revised product of a recent project that comes from a deeply personal history of love lost and the consequences of mental illness;

and I took it as an opportunity to explore the potential insight of abstraction.

The next works I made here were Flesh Tomes, a series of small paintings of wounded skin I was in pain, and I turned to painting to express my inner feeling in an outer sense. As each panel came to life, I reflected on them and understood a kind of alchemical transmission of my pain into them.

With every passing day, every new project or assignment undertaken, my life in Liverpool grew to be as one instant and ecstatic; my relationship with space and my time in the city became compassionate, my pain dissipated and I grew more in touch with the people all around; their pain, often silently ignored, gave me a new direction. 

I revisited in an older series; a small of the headless torso is taken from the profiles of random, anonymous Grindr users. The use of discretion and anonymity as a shield against queer exposure is an affront to the progressive push for visibility.

Under and Discreet each represents this phenomenon in different modes.
The aquatic theme of fabric samples guided by watery, pearl pierced Under, an aesthetic presentation of a rebel without a face. Discrete was a more energetic interpretation, influence by my study of yoga and metaphysics. The energy that makes us is interwoven from infinity to infinity, connecting us, or actions, and our thoughts and feelings to one another. The power of living as ourselves ripples through the air, the walls, cement, steel; energetic interdependence connects us beyond our personal scopes. Quantum entanglement shows spooky action at a distance, there is no reason to believe that this has no implications for us as living amalgamations of the same entangled energy.

The universe was born from a single point, I believe we still exist within a relatively finite point in an infinite expense outside it. 

My year in Liverpool has changed my perspective so thoroughly, and even as I leave, a part of me will stay within each of you.To surrender to the world beyond you, to understand existence and ultimately an interconnected fabric of processes, actions, experiences, praxis, production, intention.…to surrender our concepts of individuality is to embrace the metaphysical connection to us to everything else. Surrender illusion to embrace…