For this year’s Threshold Festival some of the Road Studios’ members will presented online as the exhibition  ‘Inside the Wardrobe’, a site-specific exhibition  was due to COVID 19 Thresold Festival  was cancelled  so  the  Online show was born.
3rd -5th April 2020
Featuring artwork by
Tony Knox/ Robert Flynn / Lauren Masterson /   Jacob Gourley / Louis Jeck-Prestidge / Andy Wolfenden / Sasha Spyrou / Tomo / Guest  Artist Zamzam (Zz) 

Road Studios is a creative hub in the heart of Liverpool, nurturing artistic talent since 2012.
So who is this Tony Knox Guy?

Tony Knox is a multidisciplinary artist interested in the illusionary nature behind heroic expression and the undervalued professional. Knox’s work questions assumptions made about the role of the artist and the futility of living out boy hood dreams. Even his most characteristically humored works refuse to disguise such artistic sincerity. This is evident in his on-going exchange with the British wrestling community who he has documented for over the past decade. Helping to raise both the profile of the sport as a profession and feed his artistic process, through the medium of film and photography. Knox treats this output as raw material, to be transformed according to the context it is situated in, without hierarchy, whether to shed new light on his heroes in the wrestling industry or for the art institute. Knox uses this privileged position to bridge boundaries between the two, most notably in his energetic performances, which bring the sub-culture of the wrestling ring into the gallery environment. This has manifested itself in the legendary wrestling character ‘Mothman’, an ongoing stage persona he uses to explore themes such as the role of the superhero artist, adulthood and failure. An artist in the guise of a wrestler living out the fantasies of a schoolboy dream, ‘Mothman’ has performed and exhibited globally in different settings and communities


Robert Flynn is an artist and photographer based in Liverpool, UK. His work is inspired by the psychological, the subconscious and fantasies, and by how these aspects inform the human condition. Working across a variety of mediums, he creates work that explores these elements by using a combination of sculpture, costume, new media and installation which he then photographs, so as to separate the viewer from the object/image, distorting their perceptions of it, and presenting it as a false/parallel reality.


Lauren Masterson is interested in experimenting with the traditional boundaries of painting and the ways in which her work is experienced and perceived by the viewer. Her abstract paintings are made in response to various stimuli, looking beneath the representations of conscious thought and instead exploring how experiences of memory, thought and emotion stir as chemical reactions within the brain. The primary curiosity lies in how these metaphysical experiences can not only be made tangible, but how they are in turn recognised and interpreted within the mind of another. “We all have our own minds, our own consciousness and experiences that influence how we perceive reality. Like atoms colliding inside a nebula, the decisions and actions that we take have a direct impact on the reality we create for ourselves. Therefore, I do not believe that any truly share in the same universe, but rather that they overlap through interaction, sparking and connecting like neurons in the brain. I see my artwork as the opportunity for such overlap, to share -if just for a moment- with the audience, as it is the effects of such encounters that ripple outwards and become part of another’s universe.”

Roads  Guest  artist Zamzam (Zz) is a Liverpool (formerly Bristol) based artist with a background in Illustration and experience transforming spaces with striking fantastical art. This has included mural commissions in homes, hostels, community art spaces, outdoor activity centres and producing display artwork for events. she  has created bespoke site artwork for Cheltenham Jazz Festival and The Psychedelic Society, and has painted live at Upfest, Noisily festival andLondons’ Temporary Autonomous Art (TAA) events among many others. Her personal work is a response to her love for nature, movement, mythology and the otherworldly – with a focus on dark feminine deities – expressed through playful and psychedelic styles. —-

Jacob Gourley

Jacob is a Liverpool based artist, specialising in oil and acrylic painting, graduating with a first class honours degree from the University of Gloucestershire. During his second year of university, he was awarded a scholarship to study for a month in the British School in Rome. This experience, along with trips to Tuscany and The Far East, have hugely shaped his practice, each marking a pivotal moment in his artistic career.


Louis Jeck-Prestidge

Louis appropriates clips from Youtube to produce paintings and digital videos. These clips are ordered and transcribed forming an open-ended narrative. Louis is interested in the way in which the media imitates human behaviour. Thus developing a new form of psychological discourse. Louis details the changes in techniques and attitudes in movie image making. Images are framed within its own temporarily.

Robert Flynn is a Liverpool, UK based Artist and Photographer. He is inspired by the psychological, the unconscious and fantasy, and by how they inform on the human condition. He creates work that explores these elements by using a combination of sculpture, costume, new media and installation which is then photographed so as to separate the viewer from the object/image, distorting their perceptions, and presenting it as a reality with an altered identity.


Andy Wolfenden asa freelance graphic artist and designer from Liverpool based in Road Studios whose current practices are mainly typography, print, editorial and promotional design but still mixes and experiments with a whole range of different types of media, processes and disciplines. Over the past year I’ve became conscious of typography around me such as in shops, front pages of newspapers and so on and how I perceive it. Noticing this I realised how every day it’s trying to provoke a reaction from me. Because of this I’ve interpreted it into my own work through my use of typography and colour because it can change how a person feels emotionally about my work just how music can change your emotions through sound. I like to think openly about what I do and how I produce my work as it can lead to areas where I have never thought I would of ended up before. I’ve found this way of working very rewarding, inspiring and self-motivating as well as a good way of keeping things interesting and fresh for myself as I’m always looking into different ways of producing my work whether this be experimenting with processes, combining disciplines and so on.

Sasha Spyrou is an illustrator, printmaker and researcher. She recently gained her M.Res. Art and Design at LJMU, and achieved a BA (Hons) in Graphic Arts Illustration at LJMU in 2011. Sasha’s research investigates notions of the uncanny, exploring what gives a sense of character, through her envisioning of what she refers to as ‘Otherworldly Folk’. Her work also explores how this sense of character may be found in everyday objects, creating taxonomies of both the mundane and strange. Her work has been described as having an enchanted quality, conjuring up a fantastical world with colourful narratives and histories woven around characters