Shuffle 02:  ROAD Studios Present
Displacement: 104 Duke Street Studio

8 exhibitions / 1 Night /
1 Location – Northern Lights, Liverpool

6th Feb – 28th Feb 2020

Artists :  Cherrie Guest / Jazz Stan / Paul Romano / Christine Levis / Louie / Dave Cavanagh / Mache Decor

This show was extended due to  demand ROAD studio worked with Royal standard’s  Max Mallender  and Cherie Grist from Duke Street Studios.

Shuffle 02 is the second in a series of one night events designed to highlight the wealth of artistic talent coming from Liverpool’s independent organisations and artist-led spaces.  Shuffle serves as a platform for experimentation and collaboration, bringing together the creative community through a night of exhibitions in Northern Lights, situated in the Baltic Triangle.

Exhibitions all on same Night  from:
ROAD Studios presents 104 Duke Street Studios
The Royal Standard / You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.’ curated by Benjamin Lunt / ‘Hagridden’ curated by Dan WaineThe C O M M O NBITCH PalaceThe Studio / Zooniverse Liverpool

104 Duke Street Studios was founded in 2015 by 3 friends who were displaced by the regeneration of Wolstenholme Creative Space/square.
For 5 years the studio has held exhibitions, taken part in open studios and Liverpool’s Light Night Festival and has housed a multitude of talented Artists and designers. 

Today it is managed by original founder and fellow Artist Cherie Grist and houses 6 talented practitioners from a range of creative fields. The studio’s lease will end on Jan 2021 and the building, which is a bustling creative hive will become another gentrified development in the city.

Cherie Grist is a contemporary Abstract Expressionist Artist documenting the many challenges of modern life. She combines everything that inspires her – feelings and memories – all into one place with the aim of creating a perfect visual world for reflection and a moment of calm. Her work records the complexities of our existence in this accelerated, technological society by exploring themes of identity, purpose, escapism, and by eventually documenting her thoughts automatically, by instinct, in a range of scales and techniques.

After years spent developing a mural style based chiefly on fusing architectural and natural visual elements with a street art aesthetic, Jazz Stan’s more recent work has tendered towards a more abstract expressionism as a way of creating work for its own sake, without commission or direction. Art as a form of communication, rather than a way of meeting expectations, as shown in the free-flowing, playful nature of the work.


Paul Romano his work is an abstraction of the environment that surrounds him and there are recognisable visual clues in all his paintings. Some of the pieces are inspired by Paul’s fascination with ancient sites and symbols, interspersed with colours and shapes from his everyday environments.

Christine levis
is a painter and printmaker. Her work explores the sublime and fragmented memory, using the visual platform of the landscape.

Mache Décor My Art is a physical manifestation of my addiction to human nature, the emotions, thoughts and wants of the individual. I use body casting to capture the essence of the human, its very touch and skin detail carried through tothe finished piece.