17th – 21st  May 2019
Luna space,  Northern Lights, Liverpool
Artists/  Hahhan Ng / 
Tony Knox /Lois Tierney / Sasha Spyrou / Louis Jeck-Prestidge / Andrew Wolfenden / Lucy Bell / Madison Coylen / Jacob Gourley ? etc

‘Rituals of the Mundane’ is ROAD Studios’ response to this year’s theme, paying homage to the imperceptible miracles of the everyday, whilst shining a spotlight on the miniature processes that control forces of order and chaos. It elevates the role of the familiar, providing a platform upon which we can appreciate the essentials of day to day life. If these unsung heroes of the commonplace were to find a new context, celebrated in the foreground, would chaos ensue?

Featuring works by resident artists specialising in fine art, photography, illustration, typography, sculpture, graphic design and jewellery-making on the theme of everyday ritual.
An animation screening of “Four Devils Sit Down to Tea”  by Road Artists in Residence Lucy Bell & Madison Coylen

You’ll also have the opportunity to meet the artists and view their workspaces to get a feel for where the magic happens.

Cabinet of Curiosities’ for Light Night 2019. Road Studios presents ‘Rituals of the Mundane’, come to check out our exhibition in the Luna Space in Northern Lights.
My curiosities include many everyday things from my life special to me, from my bike, my d20 d&d dice, my studio mug, favourite teapot, ADHD meds and weird brain, lemons, but also represent my love of otherness, occult, sci-fi, horror, fantasy etc that seep into my being. The wardrobe to Narnia, lampost, and Mr.Tumnus’s house is something I’ve obsessed with since a very early age. Lastly, why not include my fused together catdog, and of course, my kids in a jar.
“Sasha Spyrou”


“The mundane made decadent! To treat every day as though it was a piece of art! Ah, I love fashion!” – Jared Richards, May 2019

The Met Gala is always a show people wait for in antici-


This year was no different however the theme had everyone on edge at the thought of how much it could be a total failure (myself included).

Thankfully a handful of celebrities seemed to slay what could be an easily misinterpreted theme, based on philosopher Susan Sontag’s pivotal 1964 essay ‘Notes On Camp’.

After watching the show one could say the entire experience of this years Met Gala highlighted the mundanity of everyday life and folk by being so extreme, not to mention that for many watching the gala is a ritualistic experience.
For this reason, I have included these three illustrations of my favourite outfits in this year’s theme; “Rituals of the Mundane”

“Rebecca Adams”

Documenting my medication usage to treat my anxiety as I feel that’s important to openly discuss mental health and medication without judgement!
Lois Tierney “