Kenneth J O’Hare 11th-28th Oct 2018

Kenneth J O’Hare, ROAD studios situated in George Henry Lee’s building, Liverpool. Independents Biennial. Viewing a modern city from afar becomes almost a meditative experience, one hears no noise nor sees no people, buildings stand as megalith structures that tower silently above the horizon, the viewer is confronted by a geometry of horizontal and vertical lines. As technology advances glass has become an integral part of architects’ designs, exploiting its potential to its limits, creating structures where people live and work. I have experimented in depicting the city by studying the effects of light on glass, how light is reflected or absorbed. Through my art I am endeavouring to capture the city, its geometric forms and space within, with its facades of glass and geometric shapes, that appear to suspend or fall from the sky, reflecting and absorbing energy and light. In my work, each frame of glass contains a minimalist image in three dimensional space, each frame harmonising with its neighbour, collectively forming a final painting, which I hope gives the viewer a meditative and spiritual experience.