Light Night shows at Road 18th May 2018

18 May at 17:00–23:59 ROAD Studios window Space , 67-69 Victoria Street,Liverpool, L1 6DE ROAD Studios will be hosting a two for one special for Light Night 2018! First up is ‘Transformation of Narrative’ an exhibition in the windows of the Carlisle building, featuring work by member artists in a variety of mediums inspired by a narrative that begins ‘You are alone in a woods, you hear a whisper’. Each of the artists continue the story, and through their work show a transformation of narrative. The location of the installation is an abandoned shopfront that will be transformed into a sophisticated gallery space, inspired by window displays in Europe. The work can also be seen 17:00 — late until 4th June 2018. ROAD Studios Top Floor, 69 Victoria Street, Liverpool, L1 6DE Secondly in our gallery space is ‘To Become More’ An immersive, multimedia installation by artist Robert Flynn: exploring the human desire to change and to attain unobtainable goals of perfection in ways that don’t always succeed.