Homeless: the human cost of austerity

amanda_homeless Homeless: the human cost of austerity’, an art exhibition curated by Amanda Marie Atkinson first exhibited at ROAD in November 2016, will be touring this summer. If you didn’t get to see the show the first time around, you can view the art works at Liverpool John Moores Aldham Robarts Library, from Monday 3rd-Sunday 9th, 10am-8pm. A number of ROAD artists (Amanda Marie Atkinson, Alan Williams Helios Bernal Alcantarilla, Tomo) will be exhibiting pieces, alongside other local and national artists, highlighting the increasing levels of homelessness in the UK in the context of the Governments austerity programme. 17523613_1280813798669192_1279420554511464458_n Homeless Exhibition curated by Amanda Atkinson.Images by Gareth Jones — with Amanda Atkinson, Ellie McCoy and Natalie Denny at Aldham Robarts Library. 17795903_1280819168668655_5879451280683131103_n 17862861_1280816958668876_4739890475103754547_n 17883620_1280814495335789_6362169918837648237_n 17883768_1280813698669202_3419922504475595947_n 17883917_1280818875335351_8197832765649989175_n 17903687_1280815228669049_6569519361606382384_n 17903718_1280817362002169_6727024166812577131_n 17903818_1280815998668972_3784822481678071270_n We are particularly happy to have the opportunity to exhibit pieces alongside artwork by Whitechapel service users. The 2D pieces will also be displayed in Liverpool Central Library throughout May.