Lee Booth ” Behind the Curtain”.

leeflyer Title: ” Behind the Curtain”. Media: Oil on Canvas and Collage. Venue: Northern Lights. March 31st to April 2nd. leebooth_thresold (1 of 1) Road Artist Lee Booth showcase’s his new work as part of Threshold Festival 2017. The Exhibition programme of visual arts and live performance is entitled Darkness and Light; an exploration of contrast, in society and the world around us. Reflecting a year of incredible change, challenges and conflict around the world, this year’s exhibition will explore contrasts, journeys, transitions, and is intended to hold up a mirror to our better and worse natures, to our contradictions and our paths through life. threposter Lee has been working on this piece of work; on and off for the past two years and has been working hard to unveil it at this year’s Threshold Festival. It is entitled, “Behind the Curtain” and has been produced across 64 different canvas panels using oil paint and collage. “The thing about the ‘small’ is that it connects us all. It’s not the ‘big’ gesture. It is all the small events that affect our lives. These events can have more significant consequences.” Having said that, art should be enjoyed on many different levels.