The final Deviation: 9th November A Surreal Life Drawing Experience of 2016

The final Deviation: a Surreal Life Drawing Experience of 2016 is upon us and we’ll be seeing out the year with the arrival of the Cosmic Owl. Join us Wednesday 9th November 7-9pm at ROAD Studios and marvel at what tidings it brings for the year to come! The Coming of the Cosmic Owl (9/11) 14724437_991056571021106_7301321248042913407_n Bring your preferred drawing materials. The tea and biscuits are free! £8 on the door. 14947964_1016737511786345_1930563334424471946_n 14953877_1016737095119720_6292914710825499351_n 15027437_1016735835119846_5265177102478840607_n 15027635_1016736701786426_8030032986880493664_n 15032208_1016736671786429_8629740064534926375_n 15036712_1016737178453045_5282775846180131160_n