Spirited – Backwater Studios

20/09/2016 Interesting, interesting, interesting! I heard the story today! BAG occupy the (stunning) house of studios which was built on some old burial grounds. Rumour has it, that actually quite recently when an artist member moved into her studio, she hired the Ghost busters to come in and clear her space, upon which they discovered over 80 spirits were hanging out!!! Spooooooky! Cork is such an interesting city of hills and steps. The higher you walk the more you’re paid off with the stunning views.   22/09/2016 My cousin made me drink a lot of red liquid last night followed by a lot of black liquid. Well got to have a blow out once in a while – as finely put in the words of the mum: ‘Cousins are always a bad influence but the craic is mighty.’ 20160919_170506 20160916_170944