Nature & Nostalgia – Backwater Studios

Eimear Kavanagh 13/09/2016, Cork Green illustration   Today’s pallete of greens and pinks look very edible. It is pissing it down. Feeling really nostalgic playing the Gaeltacht radio. I want to go see my fam in Kerry. It’s weird being in Ireland this long without visiting. So many beautiful memories as a child. Ireland makes me think of where I come from and where I am going, in a strange way a sense of both longing and belonging. I know that I am most happiest when I am closer to or surrounded by nature, and I see that a lot of the time, I live a life that is so far cut off from these. I wonder if I am shortly approaching a mid-residency slump? Getting to a point this afternoon where I am stepping back from my work and analysing the hell out of it. Like all the time. Or, truth be known, I am probably hungover from one pint of the good stuff.