Displaced – Road Studios

Éilis Ní Fhaoláin Finish is in sight so trying to remain focused .Catching up on PR and bloggy things finally. I met Eileen again , for lunch this time. It was Saturday and I was in the studio , so it was nice to have a break to see her and take on much needed fuel! At Sheila’s house I have been doing my share of the cooking, when I get in early enough. I often made enough for a couple of days so it would be easier …getting in late etc. In the evenings we would catch up on some telly. Funny…I don’t sit down to watch that much T.V. at home…and I reckon I don’t miss much. I like to select what I want to see and rarely browse the channels for the sake of it. The only things that make me sit is sore feet ,  or my cats -if they want a lap to sit on.! art_resadance5-1-of-1 Really missing home now. Édaein reports that the house is emptier without me. Aw!  I feel like my displaced stick.