Culture Night, Cork

Eimear Kavanagh   Culture night, Cork 17/09/2016, Cork Last night was brilliant. Cork hosted its annual Culture Night and it was the bees-knees. I want to be here for it next year. Gosh can’t be in more than one place at any given time. What a pity, there was so much I wanted to see. My demo went really well I think, I got a round of applause at the end – that was very cool, I wasn’t expecting that! How strange to receive gratitude and flattery in the form of a clapping sound. Not a familiar experience for a person who struggles with talking in front of a crowd. Listening to the talks given by other BAG artists either about their work or experience was so amazing, I could’ve spent all day doing that. It’s so nice to hear others living the same familiar experiences but told in their words. Was off to Camden Palace Hotel to see the art and music performance named Modern Raze hosted by Kenny Morris. OMG I honestly don’t know how to describe it, it was the most entertaining thing I’ve ever seen. Celebrating PUNK in true style, it was a mix of improvised music and spoken word/poetry on art/music/politics. It was a bit like walking into someone’s living room after they’d been on a 10 day bender. I was so intrigued I could’ve watched for hours but woman alone at night and all that, I toddled off home like a good girl. Today was really brilliant, I went to the Crawford Art Gallery saw Harry Clarke illustrations for the third time! And caught some more art from the Perceptions trail with a very inspirational film on the making of their stunning abstract works, which I will squeeze in one more visit to for before I leave.