Andy Wolfenden

I’m a freelance graphic artist and designer from Liverpool based in Road Studios whose current practices are mainly typography, print, editorial and promotional design but still mixes and experiments with a whole range of different types of media, processes and disciplines. Over the past year I’ve became conscious of typography around me such as in shops, front pages of newspapers and so on and how I perceive it. Noticing this I realised how every day it’s trying to provoke a reaction from me. Because of this I’ve interpreted it into my own work through my use of typography and colour because it can change how a person feels emotionally about my work just how music can change your emotions through sound. I like to think openly about what I do and how I produce my work as it can lead to areas where I have never thought I would of ended up before. I’ve found this way of working very rewarding, inspiring and self-motivating as well as a good way of keeping things interesting and fresh for myself as I’m always looking into different ways of producing my work whether this be experimenting with processes, combining disciplines and so on. andy_web (4 of 5) andy_web (1 of 5)
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