Amy Benfield

I was born and raised in China and have recently started living in the UK. I don’t have an education background in art, but since I was young I always loved art and have kept it as a hobby until now. I am still trying out all of the different art media at this moment, but I especially like model making with all different types of clay. I love using clay, but I also combine it with many other materials to design and create absolutely anything, from miniatures and figurines. Here are some of my recent works. 15740905_955032837973583_8445926553334698781_n 15841446_959415217535345_1178141926_n 15841585_959415367535330_1871717989_n 15841924_959415374201996_889207590_n 15871220_959415174202016_1123816996_n