Dominic White

Dominic is interested in the exteriorization of that which is in the murky fluidic unconscious via the medium of water colour, image and colour. This involves the reception of a basic blueprint of an idea which takes additional features as it mutates through linear time. Informed by early Surrealist André Masson’s automatic drawing technique, Dominic works within the realm of the water colour format primarily because the emotional level is naturally “watery”. The final work therefore becomes a direct manifestation of living energy. Dominic sometimes uses statements on the paintings in the style used by the marketing world as a way of challenging conditioned perceptions. Dominic is interested in the history of art particularly 20th century art movements. A lnk to his art can be found on his band’s website under “dw art”. Website is don2web “emotional boundary and flood” domweb2 “Siberia” don3web “mess”