I’m Ambidexter and I don’t know what kind of artist I am! I sculpt pictures. The charm of sculpture is that it occupies space, and what’s being represented is really there. The charm of a painted picture is that the subject is not really there, and the skill of the artist persuades you that it is. So, I like to try to take a little from both. I spend anything from 10 to 60 hours on each piece, from conception to completion, and use materials from velvet to gold leaf to glitter and semi precious stone. The clay medium is Super Sculpey and I use airbrush, spray paint and brushes with acrylic. Half of the enjoyment (and frustration) I get from my work comes from choosing colour, texture and finish. But that part can take an age! So for the future, I’ll be starting to cast some of my work so that I can better explore different colour schemes whilst also enabling me to run with ideas and not just having one off shapes to work colour onto. This means you might see my artwork popping up on walls around the city and further afield.roadwork (1 of 1)